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    We haveSpecialist Opinion of
    Natural Healing

    One of my favorite natural healing remedies is the Oregano Oil
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  • Welcome to The Spa At Canyon Oaks

    We haveSpecialist Opinion of
    Natural Healing

    The natural healing oil in the place would differ from another place
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It has always been a case of debate on if the use of natural healing substances is better than going to a doctor or specialist opinion for a recommendation. This feat has often posed a good deal of instability for some people, who may choose to try one method first before the other. An instance is whereby, a person takes a natural herbal remedy for an illness or an ailment and then if it doesn’t give the person desired result, the person opt for prescription pills or treatment but on the other hand another person may actually use herbal treatment for the same illness and get quick relief without engaging in prescription drugs.

Thus the most agreed idea pertaining to the aforementioned matter is, prescription drugs and herbal drugs work in different ways in different body environment, and thus we can say both of them are of the same healing potency but functions in different ways to attain it. Some people prefer herbal treatment to scientific treatment because of the reasons they may see concerning both potions.

It is not, without doubt, to say that many scientific medicines were produced from herbal or natural sources, but the addition of chemicals or preservatives to the substances to give desired results may make the preparation somewhat different from the original source of which it was gotten. Thus the present use of antibiotics, in some medicinal preparation continues to be a source of debate on if antibiotics have constituted to more harm than good in medicinal application.

Although the question is opinionated, I would like to share my own personal opinion on why I think making use of healing oils far more exceeds the use of scientific prescription and antibiotics. Before I wrote this article, I made a noteworthy discovery of the fact that many people don’t know about the true healing powers of the natural healing oil. I have seen a lot of people run to medical facilities and spend top dollars to take care of health problems which they could actually take care of themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

In this modern era where science and technology continue to dominate and determine what we should do and shouldn't do. The same can be said for the medical researchers who continue to make more breakthrough in medicinal scientific discoveries, thereby constituting more to the decline of the old ways. We, humans, tend to forget about the healing powers of herbs and Mother Nature because, we have been so assimilated with today's modern trend, which is why we fail to do what we had always done in the past.

Looking To Get Therapy For Health Properly

The American wall street journal magazine reported that today doctors are more concerned with getting their patients money than saving their health properly. Thus we can clearly see that many of the concoctions we get as drugs today are likely to of little effect to our bodies. This could attribute for the reason why people who have used these drugs continue to flood our American hospitals looking to get therapy for the same problems.

Antibiotics are chemical substances which are produced from living organisms, especially from a microorganism, which has the capacity to be harmful to other microorganisms. The antibiotics are widely produced from organisms found in the soil and microorganisms produce antibiotics that are helpful to it in protecting itself against diseases and predators like bacteria and fungi organisms. Today antibiotics form a daily part of our lives and it is as easy as going to the nearest pharmacy to get a drug produced with it.

The antibiotics are getting used to our bodies and the continual intake of it can result in the drugs being less effective as formerly worked. The antibiotics become less harmful to the organisms they are required to kill, thereby leaving the host with a persistent ailment problem. Also, another feature of the antibiotics is that the antibiotics are capable of eliminating the body's useful bacteria, which aid in digesting food, producing vitamins and protecting the body from the invasion of sicknesses and diseases, as well as performing other helpful function.




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Know About the Harmfulness of Antibiotics

Now we know about the harmfulness of antibiotics, we would not completely say that using antibiotic could cause more harm than good because these antibiotics do work but what we should know is that the side effects associated with using these antibiotics, in the long run, can seem a bit obnoxious in a way. I advise that instead of using these antibiotics on a regular basis, it is safer to make use of natural healing remedies for ailments. One of my favorite natural healing remedies is the Oregano Oil. This oil is has a high degree of healing potency and it is a healthy alternative to the use of antibiotics. The oregano oil is gotten from the Oregano plant and the parts responsible for producing the oil is the leaves and the flowers of the plant. The ancient Greeks and the Romans were the first to discover the healing powers of this precious plant, thus the name Oregano came from the Greeks.

Aside from the oregano healing oil, there are a countless number of healing oils all around the world and depending on your country and location, the natural healing oil in the place would differ from another place. The oregano oil is one of the best healing oil you can get around. The oregano oil is capable of healing bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasite infections, viral infections, inflammation and swelling of the skin, candida and a host of many others.

If you wish to use oregano healing oil, I advise that you dilute it in water first or a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, and others. This is because it is powerful and could cause problems for sensitive skins. Then if it is an affected place you wish to use the oil on, I advise you first put the diluted oil on a spot on your skin to test for its sensitivity before applying to the affected area.

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We work as a medical researcher and nutritionist expert in N.LHealth Natural Remedies Center.
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